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Spring.Aspects.Exceptions Namespace

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Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
ExceptionHandlerAdvice Exception advice to perform exception translation, conversion of exceptions to default return values, and exception swallowing. Configuration is via a DSL like string for ease of use in common cases as well as allowing for custom translation logic by leveraging the Spring expression language.
ExceptionHandlerAdvice.ExceptionHandlerTable A specialized dictionary for key value pairs of (string, IExceptionHandler)
ExecuteSpelExceptionHandler Executes an abribtrary Spring Expression Language (SpEL) expression as an action when handling an exception.
LogExceptionHandler Log the exceptions. Default log nameis "LogExceptionHandler" and log level is Debug
ReturnValueExceptionHandler Evaluates the expression for the return value of the method.
SwallowExceptionHandler Returns a token to indicate that this exception should be swallowed.
TranslationExceptionHandler Translates from one exception to another based. My wrap or replace exception depending on the expression.