Spring.NET 1.3.0 RC1 for .NET 2.0 API Reference

Spring.Aop Namespace

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Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
TrueMethodMatcher Canonical IMethodMatcher that matches all methods.
TruePointcut Canonical IPointcut instance that matches everything.
TrueTypeFilter Canonical ITypeFilter instances.


Interface Description
IAdvisor Base interface holding AOP advice and a filter determining the applicability of the advice (such as a pointcut).
IAdvisors AOP Aspect abstraction, holding a list of IAdvisors
IAfterReturningAdvice Advice that executes after a method returns successfully.
IBeforeAdvice Superinterface for all before advice.
IIntroductionAdvisor Superinterface for advisors that perform one or more AOP introductions.
IIntroductionInterceptor Subinterface of the AOP Alliance IMethodInterceptor interface that allows additional interfaces to be implemented by the interceptor, and available via a proxy using that interceptor.
IMethodBeforeAdvice Advice executed before a method is invoked.
IMethodMatcher That part of an IPointcut that checks whether a target method is eligible for advice.
IPointcut Spring.NET's core pointcut abstraction.
IPointcutAdvisor Superinterface for all IAdvisors that are driven by a pointcut.
ITargetSource Used to obtain the current "target" of an AOP invocation
IThrowsAdvice Simple marker interface for throws advice.
ITypeFilter A filter that restricts the matching of a pointcut or introduction to a given set of target types.