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ControlFlowPointcut.Matches(MethodInfo, Type) Method

Does the supplied method satisfy this matcher? Perform static checking. If this returns false, or if the isRuntime() method returns false, no runtime check will be made.

[Visual Basic]
Public Overridable Overloads Sub Matches( _
   ByVal method As MethodInfo, _
   ByVal targetType As Type _
) _
    Implements IMethodMatcher.Matches
public virtual bool Matches(
   MethodInfo method,
   Type targetType


The candidate method.
The target class (may be a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic), in which case the candidate class must be taken to be the method's declaring class).

Return Value

true if this this method matches statically.




Subclasses are encouraged to override this method if it is possible to filter out some candidate classes.

This, the default, implementation always matches (returns true). This means that the three argument Matches method will always be invoked.

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