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ITypeFilter Interface

A filter that restricts the matching of a pointcut or introduction to a given set of target types.

For a list of all members of this type, see ITypeFilter Members .

[Visual Basic]
Public Interface ITypeFilter
public interface ITypeFilter

Types that implement ITypeFilter

Type Description
AbstractRegularExpressionMethodPointcut Abstract base regular expression pointcut object.
AttributeTypeFilter ITypeFilter that looks for a specific attribute being present on a class
ControlFlowPointcut Pointcut and method matcher for use in simple cflow-style pointcuts.
DefaultIntroductionAdvisor Simple implementation that by default applies to any class.
RootTypeFilter Simple ITypeFilter implementation that matches all classes classes (and any derived subclasses) of a give root Type.
SdkRegularExpressionMethodPointcut Regular expression based pointcut object.
TypeNameTypeFilter Simple ITypeFilter implementation that matches a given Type's FullName against TypeNamePatterns. For a list of supported pattern syntax see SimpleMatch.
TrueTypeFilter Canonical ITypeFilter instances.


Can be used as part of a pointcut, or for the entire targeting of an introduction.


Namespace: Spring.Aop

Assembly: Spring.Aop (in Spring.Aop.dll)

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