Spring.NET 1.3.0 RC1 for .NET 2.0 API Reference

IThrowsAdvice Interface

Simple marker interface for throws advice.

[Visual Basic]
Public Interface IThrowsAdvice
    Implements IAdvice
public interface IThrowsAdvice : IAdvice


There are no methods on this interface, as methods are discovered and invoked via reflection. Please do see read the API documentation for the ThrowsAdviceInterceptor class; said documention describes in detail the signature of the methods that implementations of the IThrowsAdvice interface must adhere to in the specific case of Spring.NET's implementation of throws advice.

There are any number of possible uses for this type of advice. Some examples would include the ubiquitous logging of any such exceptions, monitoring the number and type of exceptions and sending emails to a support desk once certain criteria have been met, wrapping generic exceptions such as SqlException in exceptions that are more meaningful to your business logic, etc.


Namespace: Spring.Aop

Assembly: Spring.Aop (in Spring.Aop.dll)

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