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IAdvised Members

IAdvised overview

Public Instance Properties

AdvisorChainFactory Gets the IAdvisorChainFactory implementation that will be used to get the interceptor chains for the advised Target.
Advisors Returns the collection of IAdvisor instances that have been applied to this proxy.
ExposeProxy Should proxies obtained from this configuration expose the AOP proxy to the AopContext class?
InterfaceMap Returns the mapping of the proxied interface Types to their delegates.
Interfaces Returns the collection of interface Types to be (or that are being) proxied by this proxy.
Introductions Returns the collection of IIntroductionAdvisor instances that have been applied to this proxy.
IsFrozen Is this configuration frozen?
IsSerializable Returns a boolean specifying if this IAdvised instance can be serialized.
ProxyTargetAttributes Is target type attributes, method attributes, method's return type attributes and method's parameter attributes to be proxied in addition to any interfaces declared on the proxied Type?
ProxyTargetType Is the target Type to be proxied in addition to any interfaces declared on the proxied Type?
TargetSource Returns the ITargetSource used by this IAdvised object.

Public Instance Methods

AddAdviceOverloaded. Adds the supplied advice to the end (or tail) of the advice (interceptor) chain.
AddAdvisorOverloaded. Adds the supplied advisor to the list of Advisors.
AddAdvisors Adds the advisors from the supplied advisors to the list of Advisors.
AddIntroductionOverloaded. Adds the supplied introductionAdvisor to the list of Introductions.
IndexOfOverloaded. Return the index (0 based) of the supplied IAdvisor in the interceptor (advice) chain for this proxy.
IsInterfaceProxied Is the supplied intf (interface) Type proxied?
RemoveAdvice Removes the supplied advice from the list of Advisors.
RemoveAdvisorOverloaded. Removes the supplied advisor the list of advisors for this proxy.
RemoveIntroductionOverloaded. Removes the supplied introduction from the list of Introductions.
ReplaceAdvisor Replaces the oldAdvisor with the newAdvisor.
ReplaceIntroduction Replaces the IIntroductionAdvisor that exists at the supplied index in the list of Introductions with the supplied introduction.
ToProxyConfigString As ToString will normally be passed straight through to the advised target, this method returns the ToString equivalent for the AOP proxy itself.

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