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IJoinpoint Interface

Represents a generic runtime joinpoint (in the AOP terminology).

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[Visual Basic]
Public Interface IJoinpoint
public interface IJoinpoint

Types that implement IJoinpoint

Type Description
AbstractMethodInvocation Convenience base class for IMethodInvocation implementations.
DynamicMethodInvocation Invokes a target method using dynamic reflection.
ReflectiveMethodInvocation Invokes a target method using standard reflection.


A runtime joinpoint is an event that occurs on a static joinpoint (i.e. a location in a program). For instance, an invocation is the runtime joinpoint on a method (static joinpoint). The static part of a given joinpoint can be generically retrieved using the StaticPart property.

In the context of an interception framework, a runtime joinpoint is then the reification of an access to an accessible object (a method, a constructor, a field), i.e. the static part of the joinpoint. It is passed to the interceptors that are installed on the static joinpoint.


Namespace: AopAlliance.Intercept

Assembly: Spring.Aop (in Spring.Aop.dll)

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