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AopAlliance.Aop Missing <summary> Documentation for AopAlliance.Aop
AopAlliance.Intercept Missing <summary> Documentation for AopAlliance.Intercept
Spring.Aop Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Aop
Spring.Aop.Config Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Aop.Config
Spring.Aop.Framework Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Aop.Framework
Spring.Aop.Framework.Adapter Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Aop.Framework.Adapter
Spring.Aop.Framework.AutoProxy Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Aop.Framework.AutoProxy
Spring.Aop.Framework.AutoProxy.Target Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Aop.Framework.AutoProxy.Target
Spring.Aop.Framework.DynamicProxy Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Aop.Framework.DynamicProxy
Spring.Aop.Support Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Aop.Support
Spring.Aop.Target Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Aop.Target
Spring.Aspects Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Aspects
Spring.Aspects.Cache Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Aspects.Cache
Spring.Aspects.Exceptions Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Aspects.Exceptions
Spring.Aspects.Logging Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Aspects.Logging
Spring.Aspects.Validation Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Aspects.Validation


Class Description
AbstractAdvisorAutoProxyCreator Abstract IObjectPostProcessor implementation that creates AOP proxies. This class is completely generic; it contains no special code to handle any particular aspects, such as pooling aspects.
AbstractAopProxyMethodBuilder Base class for AOP method builders that contains common functionalities.
AbstractAopProxyTypeBuilder Base class for proxy builders that can be used to create an AOP proxy for any object.
AbstractAutoProxyCreator ObjectPostProcessor implementation that wraps a group of objects with AOP proxies that delegate to the given interceptors before invoking the object itself.
AbstractExceptionHandler An abstract base class providing all necessary functionality for typical IExceptionHandler implementations.
AbstractExceptionHandlerAdvice This is
AbstractFilteringAutoProxyCreator The base class for AutoProxyCreator implementations that mark objects eligible for proxying based on arbitrary criteria.
AbstractGenericPointcutAdvisor Abstract PointcutAdvisor that allows for any Advice to be configured.
AbstractLoggingAdvice Abstract base class for logging advice
AbstractMethodInvocation Convenience base class for IMethodInvocation implementations.
AbstractObjectFactoryPointcutAdvisor Abstract ObjectFactory-based IPointcutAdvisor that allows for any Advice to be configured as reference to an Advice object in an ObjectFactory.
AbstractPointcutAdvisor Abstract base class for IPointcutAdvisor implementations.
AbstractPoolingTargetSource Abstract superclass for pooling ITargetSources.
AbstractPrototypeTargetSource Base class for dynamic ITargetSource implementations that can create new prototype object instances to support a pooling or new-instance-per-invocation strategy.
AbstractPrototypeTargetSourceCreator Missing <summary> documentation for T:Spring.Aop.Framework.AutoProxy.Target.AbstractPrototypeTargetSourceCreator
AbstractRegularExpressionMethodPointcut Abstract base regular expression pointcut object.
AdvisedProxy Represents the AOP configuration data built-in with the proxy.
AdvisedSupport Superclass for AOP proxy configuration managers.
AdvisorAdapterRegistrationManager IObjectPostProcessor implementation that registers instances of any non-default IAdvisorAdapter instances with the GlobalAdvisorAdapterRegistry singleton.
AdvisorChainFactoryUtils Utility methods for use by IAdvisorChainFactory implementations.
AfterReturningAdviceInterceptor Interceptor to wrap an IAfterReturningAdvice instance.
AopConfigException Thrown in response to the misconfiguration of an AOP proxy.
AopContext This class contains various static (Shared in Visual Basic) methods used to obtain information about the current AOP invocation.
AopNamespaceParser Namespace parser for the aop namespace.
AopNamespaceUtils Utility class for handling registration of auto-proxy creators used internally by the
namespace tags.
AopUtils Utility methods used by the AOP framework.
AspectException Superclass for all AOP infrastructure exceptions.
AttributeAutoProxyCreator An AutoProxyCreator, that identifies objects to be proxied by checking Attributes defined on their type.
AttributeMatchingPointcut Pointcut that looks for a specific attribute being present on a class or method.
AttributeMatchMethodPointcut IPointcut implementation that matches methods that have been decorated with a specified Attribute.
AttributeMatchMethodPointcutAdvisor Convenient class for attribute-match method pointcuts that hold an Interceptor, making them an Advisor.
AttributeMethodMatcher MethodMatcher that looks for a specific attribute being present on the method (checking both the method on the onviked interface, if any and the corresponding method on the target class
AttributeTypeFilter ITypeFilter that looks for a specific attribute being present on a class
BaseAopProxyMethodBuilder IProxyMethodBuilder implementation that delegates method calls to the base method.
BaseCacheAdvice Base class for different cache advice implementations that provide access to common functionality, such as obtaining a cache instance.
BaseCompositionAopProxy Base class that each dynamic composition proxy has to extend.
CacheAspect Caching aspect implementation.
CachedAopProxyFactory Implementation of the IAopProxyFactory interface that caches the AOP proxy Type instance.
CacheParameterAdvice Implementation of a parameter caching advice.
CacheParameterAdvisor Convinience advisor implementation that applies CacheParameterAdvice to all the methods that have CacheParameterAttribute defined on one or more of their parameters.
CacheResultAdvice Implementation of a result caching advice.
CacheResultAdvisor Convinience advisor implementation that applies CacheResultAdvice to all the methods that have CacheResultAttribute defined.
ComposablePointcut Convenient class for building up pointcuts.
CompositionAopProxyTypeBuilder Builds an AOP proxy type using composition.
ConfigObjectDefinitionParser The IObjectDefinitionParser for the
ControlFlowPointcut Pointcut and method matcher for use in simple cflow-style pointcuts.
DecoratorAopProxyTypeBuilder Builds an AOP proxy type using the decorator pattern.
DefaultAdvisorAdapterRegistry Default implementation of the IAdvisorAdapterRegistry interface.
DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator ObjectPostProcessor implementation that creates AOP proxies based on all candidate Advisors in the current IObjectFactory. This class is completely generic; it contains no special code to handle any particular aspects, such as pooling aspects.
DefaultAopProxyFactory Default implementation of the IAopProxyFactory interface, either creating a decorator-based dynamic proxy or a composition-based dynamic proxy.
DefaultIntroductionAdvisor Simple implementation that by default applies to any class.
DefaultObjectFactoryPointcutAdvisor Concrete ObjectFactory-based IPointcutAdvisor thta allows for any Advice to be configured as reference to an Advice object in the ObjectFatory, as well as the Pointcut to be configured through an object property.
DefaultPointcutAdvisor Convenient pointcut-driven advisor implementation.
DynamicMethodInvocation Invokes a target method using dynamic reflection.
DynamicMethodMatcher Convenient abstract superclass for dynamic method matchers that do care about arguments at runtime.
DynamicMethodMatcherPointcutAdvisor Convenient superclass for IAdvisors that are also dynamic pointcuts.
DynamicTargetSourceWrapper Decorates a target source with the IDisposable interface.
EmptyTargetSource The ITargetSource to be used when there is no target object, and behavior is supplied by the advisors.
ExceptionHandlerAdvice Exception advice to perform exception translation, conversion of exceptions to default return values, and exception swallowing. Configuration is via a DSL like string for ease of use in common cases as well as allowing for custom translation logic by leveraging the Spring expression language.
ExceptionHandlerAdvice.ExceptionHandlerTable A specialized dictionary for key value pairs of (string, IExceptionHandler)
ExecuteSpelExceptionHandler Executes an abribtrary Spring Expression Language (SpEL) expression as an action when handling an exception.
GlobalAdvisorAdapterRegistry Provides Singleton-style access to the default IAdvisorAdapterRegistry instance.
HashtableCachingAdvisorChainFactory IAdvisorChainFactory implementation that caches advisor chains on a per-advised-method basis.
HotSwappableTargetSource ITargetSource implementation that caches a local target object, but allows the target to be swapped while the application is running
IAdvisedProxyMethodBuilder IProxyMethodBuilder implementation that delegates method calls to an IAdvised instance.
InfrastructureAdvisorAutoProxyCreator A special version of an APC that explicitely cares for infrastructure (=internal) advisors only
InheritanceAopProxyTypeBuilder Builds an AOP proxy type using inheritance.
InheritanceBasedAopConfigurer IObjectFactoryPostProcessor implementation that replaces a group of objects with a 'true' inheritance based AOP mechanism that delegates to the given interceptors before invoking the object itself.
IntroductionProxyMethodBuilder IProxyMethodBuilder implementation that delegates method calls to introduction object.
InvalidateCacheAdvice Implementation of a cache invalidation advice.
InvalidateCacheAdvisor Convinience advisor implementation that applies InvalidateCacheAdvice to all the methods that have InvalidateCacheAttribute defined.
LogExceptionHandler Log the exceptions. Default log nameis "LogExceptionHandler" and log level is Debug
MethodMatchers Various utility methods relating to the composition of IMethodMatchers.
NameMatchMethodPointcut Pointcut object for simple method name matches, useful as an alternative to pure regular expression based patterns.
NameMatchMethodPointcutAdvisor Convenient class for name-match method pointcuts that hold an Interceptor, making them an Advisor.
ObjectFactoryAdvisorRetrievalHelper Helper for retrieving standard Spring advisors from an IObjectFactory for use with auto-proxying.
ObjectNameAutoProxyCreator AutoProxyCreator that identifies objects to proxy via a list of names.
ParameterValidationAdvice This advice is typically applied to service-layer methods in order to validate method arguments.
ParameterValidationAdvisor Convinience advisor implementation that applies ParameterValidationAdvice to all the methods that have ValidatedAttribute defined on one or more of their parameters.
ParsedAdviceExpression This class contains the results of parsing an advice expresion of the form on exception name [ExceptionName1,ExceptionName2,...] [action] [action expression] or on exception [constraint expression] [action] [action expression]
PointcutFilteringAutoProxyCreator This AutoProxyCreator only proxies objects matching the specified IPointcut.
Pointcuts Various IPointcut related utility methods.
PrototypeTargetSource ITargetSource implementation that creates a new instance of the target object for each request.
ProxyConfig Convenience superclass for configuration used in creating proxies, to ensure that all proxy creators have consistent properties.
ProxyFactory Factory for AOP proxies for programmatic use, rather than via a Spring.NET IoC container.
ProxyFactoryObject IFactoryObject implementation to source AOP proxies from a Spring.NET IoC container (an IObjectFactory).
ReflectiveMethodInvocation Invokes a target method using standard reflection.
RegularExpressionMethodPointcutAdvisor Convenient class for regular expression method pointcuts that hold an IAdvice, making them an IAdvisor.
RetryAdvice AOP Advice to retry a method invocation on an exception. The retry semantics are defined by a DSL of the form
on exception name [ExceptionName1,ExceptionName2,...] retry [number of times] [delay|rate] [delay time|rate expression]
. For example,
on exception name ArithmeticException retry 3x delay 1s
RetryExceptionHandler Sleeps for the appropriate amount of time for an exception.
ReturnValueExceptionHandler Evaluates the expression for the return value of the method.
RootTypeFilter Simple ITypeFilter implementation that matches all classes classes (and any derived subclasses) of a give root Type.
SdkRegularExpressionMethodPointcut Regular expression based pointcut object.
SimpleLoggingAdvice Configurable advice for logging.
SimplePoolTargetSource Pooling target source implementation based on the SimplePool
SingletonTargetSource ITargetSource implementation that holds a local object.
StaticMethodMatcher Convenient abstract superclass for static method matchers that don't care about arguments at runtime.
StaticMethodMatcherPointcut Convenient superclass when one wants to force subclasses to implement the IMethodMatcher interface but subclasses will still want to be pointcuts.
StaticMethodMatcherPointcutAdvisor Convenient superclass for IAdvisors that are also static pointcuts.
StaticTargetSourceWrapper Decorates a target source with the IDisposable interface.
SwallowExceptionHandler Returns a token to indicate that this exception should be swallowed.
TargetAopProxyMethodBuilder IProxyMethodBuilder implementation that delegates method calls to target object.
ThreadLocalTargetSource ITargetSource implementation that uses a threading model in which every thread has its own copy of the target.
ThrowsAdviceInterceptor Interceptor to wrap an after throwing advice.
TranslationExceptionHandler Translates from one exception to another based. My wrap or replace exception depending on the expression.
TrueMethodMatcher Canonical IMethodMatcher that matches all methods.
TruePointcut Canonical IPointcut instance that matches everything.
TrueTypeFilter Canonical ITypeFilter instances.
TypeFilters Defines miscellaneous Type filter operations.
TypeNameAutoProxyCreator AutoProxyCreator, that identifies objects to proxy by matching their FullName against a list of patterns.
TypeNameTypeFilter Simple ITypeFilter implementation that matches a given Type's FullName against TypeNamePatterns. For a list of supported pattern syntax see SimpleMatch.
UnknownAdviceTypeException Exception thrown when an attempt is made to use an unsupported IAdvisor or IAdvice type.


Interface Description
IAdvice Tag interface for advice.
IAdvised Configuration data for an AOP proxy factory.
IAdvisedSupportListener Callback interface for AdvisedSupport listeners.
IAdvisor Base interface holding AOP advice and a filter determining the applicability of the advice (such as a pointcut).
IAdvisorAdapter Permits the handling of new advisors and advice types as extensions to the Spring AOP framework.
IAdvisorAdapterRegistry A registry of IAdvisorAdapter instances.
IAdvisorChainFactory Factory interface for advisor chains.
IAdvisorRetrievalHelper Interface encapsulating the advisor retrieval strategy used by an AbstractAdvisorAutoProxyCreator to retrieve the applicable list of advisor objects.
IAdvisors AOP Aspect abstraction, holding a list of IAdvisors
IAfterReturningAdvice Advice that executes after a method returns successfully.
IAopProxy The central interface for Spring.NET based AOP proxies.
IAopProxyFactory Factory interface for the creation of AOP proxies based on AdvisedSupport configuration objects.
IAopProxyTypeGenerator Describes the operations that generates IL instructions used to build the Aop proxy type.
IBeforeAdvice Superinterface for all before advice.
IConstructorInterceptor Intercepts the construction of a new object.
IConstructorInvocation A description of an invocation to a constuctor, given to an interceptor upon constructor-call.
IExceptionHandler Handles a thrown exception providing calling context.
IInterceptor Represents a generic interceptor.
IIntroductionAdvisor Superinterface for advisors that perform one or more AOP introductions.
IIntroductionInterceptor Subinterface of the AOP Alliance IMethodInterceptor interface that allows additional interfaces to be implemented by the interceptor, and available via a proxy using that interceptor.
IInvocation Represents an invocation in the program.
IJoinpoint Represents a generic runtime joinpoint (in the AOP terminology).
IMethodBeforeAdvice Advice executed before a method is invoked.
IMethodInterceptor Intercepts calls on an interface on its way to the target.
IMethodInvocation Description of an invocation to a method, given to an interceptor upon method-call.
IMethodMatcher That part of an IPointcut that checks whether a target method is eligible for advice.
IPointcut Spring.NET's core pointcut abstraction.
IPointcutAdvisor Superinterface for all IAdvisors that are driven by a pointcut.
ITargetAware Provides access to the target object of an AOP proxy.
ITargetSource Used to obtain the current "target" of an AOP invocation
ITargetSourceCreator Implementations can create special target sources, such as pooling target sources, for particular objects. For example, they may base their choice on attributes, such as a pooling attribute, on the target type.
ITargetSourceWrapper Decorates a target source with the IDisposable interface.
IThreadLocalTargetSourceStats Statistics for a thread local ITargetSource.
IThrowsAdvice Simple marker interface for throws advice.
ITypeFilter A filter that restricts the matching of a pointcut or introduction to a given set of target types.
PoolingConfig Configuration interface for a pooling invoker.