Chapter 34. Data Access QuickStart

34.1. Introduction

The data access quick start demonstrates the API usage of AdoTemplate (both generic and non-generic versions) as well as the use of the object based data access classes contained in Spring.Data.Objects. It uses the Northwind database and is located under the directory examples/DataAccessQuickStart.

The quick start contains pseudo DAO objects and a collection of NUnit tests to exercise them rather than a full blown application. To run the tests from within VS.NET install TestDriven.NET, ReSharper, or equivalent . The listing of DAO classes and the parts of Spring.Data that they demonstrate is shown below.

  • CommandCallbackDao - Use of the ICommandCallback and CommandCallbackDelegate

  • ResultSetExtractorDao - Use of IResultSetExtractor and ResultSetExtractorDelegate

  • RowCallbackDao - Use of IRowCallback and RowCallbackDelegate

  • RowMapperDao - Use of IRowMapper and RowMapperDelegate

  • QueryForObject - Use of QueryForObject method.

  • StoredProcDao - Use of Spring.Data.Objects.StoredProcedure

The are simple domain objects in the Spring.DataQuickStart.Domain namespace, collections of which are generally returned from the DAO methods.